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22 March 2005

The question I've been pondering lately.

What is truth and its source? Specifically, how is it to be defined and how do we know it in a world of shadows?
Secondly, what of ethics? Is ethics a direct application of this truth or is it merely a framework to exist and operate in the absence of the immediate truth of absolute reality?

19 March 2005

True Love.

Sometimes people ask me how I know I married the right woman. Well, here's a perfect demonstration of marital confirmation.
This morning I was getting dressed around 6:30. Katie briefly woke up for about 10 seconds and spoke five words that gave me a quick glimpse of woman I fell in love with: "Who won the Kansas game?"

02 March 2005

From Dr. Hannah's Lecture.

"If you're ever in the pastorate, you'll someday have guys that just drive you nuts. They do nothing but complain and cause strife, but they won't leave the church either. What you need to do is get on your knees and pray for God to take the S.O.B. home. It's a benefit for them and a benefit for the church. Really, it's a win-win...a truly great thing."

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