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21 June 2008

Fast Eddie Obama.

On The Two Obamas.

Thanks to Trey.

15 June 2008

Piper Swimming.

So, we went with Blake & Erynn to take the dogs swimming yesterday morning. It was a glorious morning of relaxation and contemplation on the cuteness of our little puppy.

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13 June 2008

My happy place.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about visualizing our "happy place." We were actually having a serious conversation about stress management, but my concentration was seriously obstructed through my extraneous thoughts of Adam Sandler's "happy place" in Billy Madison. Anyway, I later thought what my happy place would be, if I had to visualize it. Probably some place in Colorado. Or Europe. Either way, neither are here where I am right now. What is, however, is Nordstrom. I was walking in the mall a few days after prior mentioned conversation, and I came to a realization that Nordstrom is one of my "happy places." Ties. Shoes. Coffee. Drinks. Bistro. Seriously, Nordstrom represents excellence in clothing, drink, and food. Is this not a legitimate happy place? Admittedly, it's pretty metro, but I'll take the criticism on that.

07 June 2008

Why are some Christians so Stupid?

So far, I've added Ben Young, my neighbor, Jack Graham, and probably you.

...and, for all those couples you used to be friends with that now have kids, you can get them this.

*This post was entirely inspired and taken from Ben Simpson, since I had nothing else to post on my own today.

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