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My happy place.

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about visualizing our "happy place." We were actually having a serious conversation about stress management, but my concentration was seriously obstructed through my extraneous thoughts of Adam Sandler's "happy place" in Billy Madison. Anyway, I later thought what my happy place would be, if I had to visualize it. Probably some place in Colorado. Or Europe. Either way, neither are here where I am right now. What is, however, is Nordstrom. I was walking in the mall a few days after prior mentioned conversation, and I came to a realization that Nordstrom is one of my "happy places." Ties. Shoes. Coffee. Drinks. Bistro. Seriously, Nordstrom represents excellence in clothing, drink, and food. Is this not a legitimate happy place? Admittedly, it's pretty metro, but I'll take the criticism on that.

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