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18 August 2006

our new home.

Now that we're past the option period and approaching closing, I'll go ahead and make the announcement that Katie and I are buying a house. We're very excited and can't wait to have friends and family over. The house has much character, and we're really looking forward to making it our own. Here are a few pictures.

The house is canopied in at least 15 trees. Both the landscaping and exterior need a little love.

So, we're thinking painting the outside grey, leaving the white accents and painting the shutters navy. Oh, and a red door, of course.

Right now, the washer hookups are in the kitchen...this will soon change, and we'll extend the cabinets all the way over.

We'll also replace the appliances with new stainless.

The couple we're buying the house from lived here 45 years, so like in all the other rooms, there are many little aesthetic things that need to be updated...first to go - the Luby's fans.

For the new patio door, we're thinking of a dark wood set of French doors.

For the living room, we're debating a shade of green, and then we'll stain the built in entertainment center white to match the bookshelves. The moulding is very cool in this room.

This room has great floors.

The front bedroom will be a study. Color, as all the bedrooms, is currently undecided.

The middle room will be the guest bedroom.

Welcome to the master bedroom.

As with the other two bedrooms, we'll need to refinish the floors.

Mirrors everywhere - these will be coming down.

The deck is actually in awesome condition - we just need to powerwash and stain.

Ugh - landscaping, like the front, will test much endurance to get this back into shape. It's actually a good size yard - now we just have to make it pretty again. I look forward to grilling here.

11 August 2006

What were they thinking?


I don't understand why Earth, Wind & Fire was playing with Chicago. Seriously, Earth, Wind & Fire is greatness, whereas Chicago is the epitome of spare. Seriously, how can you even have Verdine White's bass on the same stage as Robert Lamm's keytar... Luckily, EWF is now playing with Chris Botti, and incidentally, they'll all be in Dallas tomorrow night.

06 August 2006

watermark: the beginning.

This morning was our first official Sunday at Watermark Community Church. It was truly a blessing and a great confirmation that this is where we need to be. We already knew of many friends here, but it was amazing and encouraging to see so many others that I didn't know were. We are very much looking forward to the various opportunities to be equipped as well as to minister alongside others. The leadership and teaching is solid and one that both encourages, enlightens, and challenges us. I was pleased to see that the church is more diverse than I thought and remembered, and there are many young believers within the community. People are open in their trials, and the elders and body don't merely listen but indeed act and are fully committed to discipleship. I truly am refreshed and excited about our future here learning, growing, and ministering.

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