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30 July 2006

China continues to get away with it.

I'm sure this story will soon disappear into the abyss of forgotten Chinese human rights atrocities, as so many before it has. I doubt it is barely noticed on this continent - if you have actually seen it reported on the news, I would be surprised. As these stories seem to callously receive a blind eye, it is not surprising how blatant the Chinese government is becoming. Here is what's making me so sick:

Fu Xiancai, an activist who protests the building of the Three Gorges Dam (click here for the dam's social impact and corruption inflicted upon millions), was paralyzed as a result of a severe beating received after leaving an interrogation at the Public Security Bureau. This same Security Bureau, which has a record of harassing the activist, conducted the investigation of the attack and has concluded that Mr. Fu "beat himself up."

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