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19 August 2007

Quick, hand me a barf bag...





I love my car - I really do. I researched the heck out of it and thought I made a really good decision. There was one variable in the back of my mind, however, that I took a risk on. The new Mercedes C-Class. Simply an artful work of automotive machinery. I had been looking at it and instantly fell in love with it, but all information was showing that this redesigned Mercedes staple was going to move considerably up in price. Well, today I was curious and went to the website to see what the price release was, and I thought I was going to be sick...I still am. The price didn't move much at all. After building my custom C Sport with the options I would want, the price was a little higher than my Acura but definitely worth a bit of premium on price. Now mind you, I really did need to get a new car when I got it - the Mercedes wasn't out yet and I couldn't really wait for it much longer. Still, the whole time in the back of my mind I had this feeling that Mercedes was going to come out with this car lower than the estimates I had seen (estimates were about a $8,000 to $10,000 from their previous model...which I now rightly thought were too big of a jump). Anyway, I love my car - I really, really do - I LOVE IT! Still, I need to keep a barf bag in my car for the first few times I drive by someone in a new C-Class on the road. It'll take everything within me not to throw up in a little in my mouth.

16 August 2007

Watermark Masters 2007.


Monday I played in the Watermark Masters 2007 Golf Tournament - that's right, my first church 4 man scramble tourney. For those who don't know, I've become addicted to golf. I love it. Like many (or most) who love the game, however, I'm not that good yet. The tournament, in fact, was only the sixth round of golf I've ever played. Having said that, I think I did pretty well. Every round of golf (almost every, anyway), I see improvement, which is really encouraging. To be true, I actually did hit some pretty good balls Monday. Our team, however, did not fair so well - we shot a 75. Now, I knew this wasn't a great score in a scramble, but I really had no idea how bad this was. At least, I had no idea it was a score that would earn us tied for last place, anyway! My thought was that we were only 3 above par, but I guess when you basically have four chances at every shot, this isn't so respectable. The winning team shot a 55, if that gives you proper perspective. Even in a scramble, shooting a 55 makes me scratch my head. Mind you, there were some really good players out there - at least three I know of who have made the cut in PGA tournaments this year. Personally, I think you're sandbagging the tournament if you put guys on your team that we all see play on Sunday on TV, but it's not like we got barely beat out by these guys. Anyway, I'm glad we finished last - seriously. Last place came with a really good prize - free lessons at TPC Craig Ranch. This is a great prize and something I'm really looking forward to! I would have been hacked if we were second to last - those guys got nothing (and when I say those guys, I'm referring to the team of Fleming and JP). Anyway, it was a great day, even though it was like 105 degrees outside. The tournament was amazingly well organized (though that makes sense being that the guy who put on the Byron Nelson this year was behind it), and the sponsors were very generous to us - the freebies were awesome...seriously. Anyway, Watermark knocked it out of the park and gave us a great day of fun and friendship with the guys. I can't wait until next year.

10 August 2007

trying to make the team.

I think I now have a new favorite Dallas Cowboy: Matt Moore. How could I not love this guy?! He played great last night, and I've heard great things about him all through camp, so I'm really hoping he makes the team. I know this is really dorky, but I just like to see my name on TV and hear it said by Brad Sham and guys on the radio in the context of playing for the Cowboys. It's as close to my no. 6 random fact that I've ever gotten...

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