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11 December 2007

Worst Beer Ever.


Last night, I had the worst beer of my life. Granted, I drank it from a nitro-can, but was absolutely awful. It was "worse than Smithwicks" awful. (Smithwicks and Boddingtons are now the only beers I have been physically unable to finish.) I know what you're thinking: "Matt, surely you can't be saying Bottingtons is worse than a BMC beer?! (First of all, a BMC beer is a "beer" brewed by Budweiser, Miller, or Coors. Second of all, I know you're really thinking "Matt, what are you writing about and why do you think anyone cares? Well, I'm writing for the five or so of you who do care - yeah, you know who you are...) Anyway, it is worse than a BMC beer. Worse than Corona. Yeah, you heard me. Worse than Fischer. Yeah, worse than both Mexican and French beer. The only thing it's not worse than would be some Miller Chill or Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus - faux "beers" that are absolutely insipid (another random note: such is the same with the aforementioned American Light Lagers, which are not really quality lagers at all but rather cheaply produced ones containing many non quality adjuncts such as rice and corn.) Anyway, despite what your friend at the pub tells you, stay away...and then go find a better friend.

06 December 2007


We all heard the tragic news of the mall shooting in Omaha. This was national news everywhere.
So, I was pretty surprised when I picked up the Topeka Capital-Journal this morning at my hotel and discovered what the editors picked as their headline story on the front page. Ready for it? Here's the breaking news:

"Mayor Indicates He'll Veto Police Helicopter"

Yep, that's the #1 story of today: the Topeka mayor vetoed a new police helicopter. What of the mall shooting? 3rd page. Curious as to the second page story? Well, evidently, a Hollywood Theatre in Topeka is scheduled to transition from film to digital early next year.

I'm not kidding.

Now, I really don't know if the mall shooting made headline news in any of the papers - I haven't seen another physical newspaper today. However, I doubt that the story was buried behind decisions of purchasing a police helicopter and a local theater scheduled to go digital next year.


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