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We all heard the tragic news of the mall shooting in Omaha. This was national news everywhere.
So, I was pretty surprised when I picked up the Topeka Capital-Journal this morning at my hotel and discovered what the editors picked as their headline story on the front page. Ready for it? Here's the breaking news:

"Mayor Indicates He'll Veto Police Helicopter"

Yep, that's the #1 story of today: the Topeka mayor vetoed a new police helicopter. What of the mall shooting? 3rd page. Curious as to the second page story? Well, evidently, a Hollywood Theatre in Topeka is scheduled to transition from film to digital early next year.

I'm not kidding.

Now, I really don't know if the mall shooting made headline news in any of the papers - I haven't seen another physical newspaper today. However, I doubt that the story was buried behind decisions of purchasing a police helicopter and a local theater scheduled to go digital next year.


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