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My Day of Rest.

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Katie's been on me to have a "day of rest." Well, today was to be that day. After a morning working out, followed by a venture to the PGA Store, I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down in my chair to enjoy my long awaited rest. It was excellent. It was excellent. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in my chair with my cup of coffee; however, a very important variable has changed. Up until now I have been scouting my fantasy football league still attempting to find a suitable answer to Ronnie Brown's injury while I have simultaneously been watching some Saturday early afternoon television. Specifically, I have been watching the West Ham vs Portsmouth Premiership League game, while occasionally flipping over to the Colorado vs Texas Tech game as well as a History Channel documentary in search of the lost gold from Solomon's Temple. Then, Katie joined my day of rest. Now, my day of rest has changed to watching some Kevin Costner & Joan Allen (I don't even know who she is) movie, The Upside of Anger, occasionally flipping over to learn about blouses and necklaces on Real Simple TV.

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