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30 November 2006


Katie and I had a great Thanksgiving at her parents house in OKC. It's always so relaxing to go out there, and I love every second of it. They live outside of the city on a good bit of land neighboring barns and cows, which just invites rest and relaxation. Lucy, their 7 month Golden Retriever stole the show as always - though this just makes Katie and I itch for a puppy of our own more and more.
Some people associate Thanksgiving with food. I don't. I associate Thanksgiving with football...specifically Cowboy and Longhorn football. While the former proved excellent, my beloved Longhorns lost to the dreaded Aggie...ugh. I don't like Aggie. Though this was truly horrific, my excitement over the Cowboys led by Tony Romo seems to make everything okay. I haven't been this excited about the Cowboys in ten years. Having grown up watching the team from the 90's, I quickly realized after the Aikman era how much I had taken winning football and what it takes to get there for granted. It feels great to have the Cowboys playing so well. To make things even better, I got to watch several games on Katie's dad's new 73 inch 1080p DLP HDTV. Yes, 73 inches wide. Combined with the surround sound set up, it was like being in sports heaven.
So in summary, I'm thankful for family, puppies, and Tony Romo.

22 November 2006

Red's Patio Grill.

I again want to throw a salute to Red's Patio Grill. The other week, Joey, the restaurant's owner, came across the blog and read my words about his restaurant. He wrote me an email, expressing his appreciation for Morrison's music as well as my words, and he offered to buy me a drink and a hello. Katie and I took him up on it last Saturday, where we spent a lazy afternoon over burgers and a very graciously gifted round of drinks on Red's patio. Thus we sat there on a beautiful afternoon overlooking the pond with the ducks (I really like ducks), and I thought again of how great of a restaurant Joey has put together. Thanks again to Joey for his generous hospitality to Katie and I, and I implore the rest of you to check out this great mecca of the Montana beef burger.

11 November 2006

James Morrison.

I was perusing John Mayer's blog and came across his recommendation of James Morrison. Morrison is out of Cornwall and his music hasn't yet hit the U.S., though I imagine it's just a short matter of time. Go to his myspace and listen first to his clip of You Give Me Something (BBC acoustic version). Then go through Undiscovered (such a great chorus!) and his main single, Wonderful World - it's greatness too. On his official website you'll only get about 30 second peaks of the same four songs on his myspace - still, it's worth checking out as they're more developed versions. Morrison reminds me of Gavin DeGraw (actually, the chorus of You Give Me Something is very Gavin) mixed with David Gray and a little James Blunt. Check it out.

05 November 2006


Well, it's been a some. The blog has been neglected - there is really no excuse. However, I would like to point out that everyone else in my little world of blogging amigos has also suffered blog neglect recently (with the exceptions of Nick and Chris & his posse), so hopefully I will not endure much stoning. We'll use this posting to catch up on the last month:

The Cowboys are really frustrating me - seriously, today was horrible. As a Romo fan, I'm hopeful for the future, but T.O. must catch the ball - and Vanderjagt...don't even get me started on him. Anyway, Katie and I were at the Monday Night Football game last month against Eli Manning and the Giants - here's a picture of Romo under center for his infamous first play of the second half. Yeah, the quality is bad - it's a camera phone.


In other news, Jerod hit the studio to begin recording his EP, so I wanted to throw that out there - you can check out some stuff he's posting on his myspace music page: (though hopefully he'll add some more soon). No doubt, Starkey's genius.

The house is coming along well - we're in and loving it. We have much work to do, but it's great just being here. Seriously - it's such a blessing.

Watermark is continuing to bless, encourage, stretch, and grow Katie and I so much - both individually and in our marriage. Four weeks ago, Todd started a 36 week preaching a series through Proverbs, called "This is the Life!" that has profoundly affected me - I'm not sure if I have ever been so refreshed and challenged with Scripture and living. (If you want to check out his series, starting 2006.10.17, I encourage you to click here.) I am so thankful for the church's teaching, leadership, and community.

My leave of absence is up at DTS, so I registered last week. It looks like it's time to grab my student hat out of the closet again - though, the intensity will be much less than before.

I've had many a good burger and beer. If you're in Dallas and haven't gone to Red's Patio Grill, you need to go - it's probably the best burger I've had in Dallas - without a doubt, top 5.

Lastly, I will also make my recommendation for the new show of the season to watch - Heroes. Sure, I like Studio 60 better, but I have a feeling it's not going to stay around. That being said - Heroes is my pick.

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