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Well, it's been a some. The blog has been neglected - there is really no excuse. However, I would like to point out that everyone else in my little world of blogging amigos has also suffered blog neglect recently (with the exceptions of Nick and Chris & his posse), so hopefully I will not endure much stoning. We'll use this posting to catch up on the last month:

The Cowboys are really frustrating me - seriously, today was horrible. As a Romo fan, I'm hopeful for the future, but T.O. must catch the ball - and Vanderjagt...don't even get me started on him. Anyway, Katie and I were at the Monday Night Football game last month against Eli Manning and the Giants - here's a picture of Romo under center for his infamous first play of the second half. Yeah, the quality is bad - it's a camera phone.


In other news, Jerod hit the studio to begin recording his EP, so I wanted to throw that out there - you can check out some stuff he's posting on his myspace music page: (though hopefully he'll add some more soon). No doubt, Starkey's genius.

The house is coming along well - we're in and loving it. We have much work to do, but it's great just being here. Seriously - it's such a blessing.

Watermark is continuing to bless, encourage, stretch, and grow Katie and I so much - both individually and in our marriage. Four weeks ago, Todd started a 36 week preaching a series through Proverbs, called "This is the Life!" that has profoundly affected me - I'm not sure if I have ever been so refreshed and challenged with Scripture and living. (If you want to check out his series, starting 2006.10.17, I encourage you to click here.) I am so thankful for the church's teaching, leadership, and community.

My leave of absence is up at DTS, so I registered last week. It looks like it's time to grab my student hat out of the closet again - though, the intensity will be much less than before.

I've had many a good burger and beer. If you're in Dallas and haven't gone to Red's Patio Grill, you need to go - it's probably the best burger I've had in Dallas - without a doubt, top 5.

Lastly, I will also make my recommendation for the new show of the season to watch - Heroes. Sure, I like Studio 60 better, but I have a feeling it's not going to stay around. That being said - Heroes is my pick.

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