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Watermark: the first month.

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Well, I can't believe it has only been a month since we started at Watermark. When people ask if we are happy there, my heart is filled with both peace and excitement, and my "yes" feels completely understated and inadequate. This morning, we decided to go to the early service, and enjoyed it greatly - it was a little smaller and more intimate. Wagner again preached a message that stirred, enlightened, convicted, and challenged us - he does a great job of being both educational and applicational - a rare ability. To be honest, my head was spinning when Katie and I left, the sermon hit me so hard - Katie and I had some great discussion afterwards, and by talking to Kent later over lunch, I know we weren't alone in the impact. Every week, I have been deeply challenged, which is very encouraging - it has been a while since Katie and I have left church feeling this way, and yet, for the last month, at least, it has been consistently so. Last Thursday morning, I started the men's Bible study, and that night, Katie began with the women, which is something I am very excited about for her. I have also been asked to help think through the new blog for The Journey (a one-year read through the New Testament), which has proven a great way to meet a few of the staff guys. It's also been fun to constantly see more people we know there and reconnect a little. This last month, God has provided many challenges and blessings in many different areas in our life. These opportunities have stretched me and allowed Katie and I to further come together as partners in faith, in His grace. I am so excited to see God transform us, and I am very grateful that He has called us to a place where we have peace and are unwaveringly challenged to grow in Christ - individually, in marriage, and in community.

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