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Katie and I had a great Thanksgiving at her parents house in OKC. It's always so relaxing to go out there, and I love every second of it. They live outside of the city on a good bit of land neighboring barns and cows, which just invites rest and relaxation. Lucy, their 7 month Golden Retriever stole the show as always - though this just makes Katie and I itch for a puppy of our own more and more.
Some people associate Thanksgiving with food. I don't. I associate Thanksgiving with football...specifically Cowboy and Longhorn football. While the former proved excellent, my beloved Longhorns lost to the dreaded Aggie...ugh. I don't like Aggie. Though this was truly horrific, my excitement over the Cowboys led by Tony Romo seems to make everything okay. I haven't been this excited about the Cowboys in ten years. Having grown up watching the team from the 90's, I quickly realized after the Aikman era how much I had taken winning football and what it takes to get there for granted. It feels great to have the Cowboys playing so well. To make things even better, I got to watch several games on Katie's dad's new 73 inch 1080p DLP HDTV. Yes, 73 inches wide. Combined with the surround sound set up, it was like being in sports heaven.
So in summary, I'm thankful for family, puppies, and Tony Romo.

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