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Coming back.

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For the last few months, I have not only neglected posting on my own blog but also reading the words of others.  If you are reading this and yourself have a blog, most likely I haven't seen many of your posts in a while.  The posts I have made on this blog have consisted mainly of photos of Caroline - which is probably the best thing I have to put out there anyway.  Furthermore, I have watched many friends' blogs turn into photojournals of their own children, so I'm definitely not going to apologize for this.  I am sure that as I continue to throw up albums on MobileMe, I will promote them here.

Still, I miss the blogosphere of words.  Very little, I miss the useless and harmless of what I often randomly throw up here.  More than this, I miss the opportunity to update friends and family with the goings on of the Moore household, which has changed greatly of late. Very much, though, I miss the most remote of my posts: the well thought out and meaningful script that leads to outside discussion and the occasional conflict resolution. Without a doubt, most of my 2.0 time has been spent on facebook, which is fine, but I don't want it to serve as a replacement for this site, intertwined with those of you, my friends.  My blogroll is lengthy, yet I have until recency been faithful to read through the vast majority with honorable consistency.

So, all this to say, I shall return.  I will begin again to post here, and I will regain consistent readership of your own blogging.  I may not work though all that I have missed, but I'll at least get back on the horse from where we are now.

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