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Vick vs. Poindexter.

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So, we all know about the stories of Michael Vick and dogfighting. More informants have come out, both from those within his posse and the dogfighting world itself. It has been claimed that Vick is known as a "heavyweight," betting over $40,000 a fight on dogs he breeds. It's also claimed that dogfighting is a subculture within professional sports. Clinton Porter claimed that dogfighting is more common than people think and said that he knows many locations of such events. His statement was that people should mind their own business, and simply said that it's Vick's dog: he can do whatever he wants with it. After saying that it was no big deal, Porter was informed that in reality, it is a felony. Protis' response: "It can't be that bad of a crime." I think what is missing in the reporting of this story, however, is one simple note: the county's prosecuting attorney is named Gerald G. Poindexter. Yeah, Poindexter. Obviously, these are heinous crimes that I'm pretty sure Vick is involved in (his family history doesn't speak very well), and if he is guilty, I hope he gets necessary justice and doesn't just walk because of his premier status. The icing on the cake however, is that Michael Vick could be taken down by a guy named Poindexter. Simply brilliant.

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