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The New Phone: The BlackBerry Pearl.

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I LOVE BlackBerry. It will be really hard to get me to go to another type of phone. This is exponentially better than my old Palm, not even close. I just used the Treo for the Palm apps, so I now for the first time have email and internet on my phone. I will never go back without it. At first I thought this would be helpful, but it has quickly transformed much of my communication and granted me greatly increased efficiency. To be true, it is because of my profession and need to stay connected to my clients and their needs that I see this as so essential, but now I honestly do see it as just that for me - essential. Good night, now I know what I've been missing! The phone itself, the Pearl (or 8100 for those technical types), is awesome - so small, yet so powerful! The "Suretype" keyboard is fluid - I really do like it. I thought leaving the full QWERTY keyboard would be annoying, but this version is really intuitive and smart. I highly...oh so highly...recommend this phone. Oh, and no, I didn't buy it from Joseph. (I bought it from Ruben, who Rocks. Go see him at the 75 & Park Ln store if you need anything - he's the man. We even had some beers afterwards...seriously).

...Oh, and if you're on the BlackBerry network and I don't know it, let me know so I can add you to my BlackBerry messenger.

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