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Mmm...Cheddar Fries.

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Last night, Jake and I were at Trinity Hall checking out the local 1759 chapter. The two of us had been weighing in on whether or not to get some cheddar fries when a guy across the table from us ordered himself a bowl. We stared longly at the bowl several times, drooling much like homer, yet we decided in the end not to order any for ourselves because of our mutual striving for better health. Anyway, the guy just quit eating his fries halfway though - he just stopped. He was finished with them, yet a good half bowl of fries were still looking at both of us. Now, he ate most of the cheese, but there was enough - plus, there was plenty stuck to the sides, of which I have no internal opposition of scraping off. So we debated. Do we offer to buy off the remaining? Do we just politely ask? Do we assume we're long time best friends and merely reach over and help ourselves? Well, as we were thinking all of this, the man left. Was he gone for good though? I mean, is he going to come back and see some guy he just met eating his bowl of cheddar fries? We had a serious dilemma going on here. Anyway, as we merely talked, one brave soul acted. Another man, who had been previously standing around the table, simply sat down in the guy's chair, pulled up the bowl of fries, and helped himself. Brilliant move - I mean, it's so obvious...sit and eat. Anyway, this only seemed to complicated the issue for Jake and I. Now, this bowl seems to have entered into the realm of community...they were the community fries. Do I now have the freedom to reach in and help myself to the spoils of another man's order? Well, maybe, but for two reasons, I couldn't bring myself to do it. First, I didn't want to follow another man's lead and share in his victory where I had so recently failed to act. Secondly, there were now too many fingers involved, and that's just a risk I didn't want to take for second hand cheddar fries.

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