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Beer Advocate: The Magazine.

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Chocolate Milk. Sliced Bread. Honey Ham. Aqueducts, Arches, and the Wheel. Beer Advocate.

Throughout history, there are moments of true genius and innovation which forever change the quality of life in human society and culture. This year, such a momentous event has blessed the beer geek.

The greatest beer website (and largest beer community in the world), beer advocate, has published the preeminent beer magazine not only of our time, but of time itself. To be true, I am somewhat limited in my knowledge of and exposure to history's offering of periodicals which nobly devote themselves to beer; however, I can not imagine that any would be better. Sure, there are industry journals and a plethora of magazines which do a great job such as Ale Street News, All About Beer, Celebrator - and then there's Draft Magazine (sorry, celebrity covers do not denote substance or make up for a lack thereof to the true beer geek...though I guess I appreciate the effort...sort of), but Beer Advocate Magazine is the first and only beer magazine which combines such high excellence in both substance and aesthetics. Exceptional writing, clean and thoughtful design, and brilliant style envelop this magazine which never waivers from the topic of beer and yet maintains consistent articles of both interest and insight. Being that the inaugural issue was in January, I am writing this after having only read the first three issues; however, I have full faith that beer geekdom will prevail and that this magnificent magazine will continue to flourish.

A quick word of personal testimony: As a founding subscriber, I waited months for my first issue like a child trying to catch a peek at Santa Clause - every day I was at the mailbox waiting...and waiting...and waiting. When it arrived, I immediately read it cover to cover, and it satisfied - but then I had the painstaking task of waiting another full month for the next issue. So I waited...and waited...and waited again. By the time I received the second, I had decided that I should savor this delight of my life and little more, and thus I rationed my reading to last until my next issue would arrive. In this way, God grew discipline within me, and I have since made my Beer Advocate issues last the whole of the month. Oh, the magnificent power of the Trappist Monk.

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