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So, there's been much going on, and I have been very late on the blog to report them. Here are a few:

1. The largest change: I moved firms and am now at Turtle Creek Financial Group. What a blessing this has proven to be! As an investment geek, I am blown away at the tools and resources at my disposal and the opportunities available for my clients. I love my office in what is my favorite part of town, obviously the Turtle Creek / Uptown area of Dallas. The President of the firm has become a great mentor to me, which is a benefit I cannot overstate. All in all, I have never been so pleased with the present and excited about the future.

2. I have been asked by Watermark to lead a new community group, consisting of Katie and I with about 4 to 5 other couples (we have home groups instead of traditional Sunday School). I debated for a while, but have let them know that I am indeed willing. This is something I am very excited about and looking forward to starting. It will be great to develop some strong relationships with other young married couples in our church.

3. I have also been asked to join the Board of Directors for The Living Opera, a young (three year old) opera house in Dallas dedicated to making opera accessible to the masses. This is an organization that I very much resonate with and has much potential, and I am so excited to see where we can take it. We do an off season schedule of four operas and focus not only on pure musical performance but also on theatrics and emotion...all with very reasonable ticket pricing. Presently, we're busy preparing for our Season Kickoff Gala. For more information, please visit the TLO website.

4. After a brief hiatus, starting next week I am returning to DTS on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to take a class in the Bible Exposition department. Okay, it's no secret that this is not exactly my favorite department, but I'm really looking forward to just taking a class and not having to worry about grades or anything. (Plus it was the perfect time in the morning.) Really though, I anticipate a great semester of going to learn, not to get a grade - to me this is both revolutionary and refreshing.

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