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Yesterday, we had some serious yard work done. We cut down eight trees, two bushes, and then we had seven more trees pruned. Yeah, you read that right - we have a ton of trees. Anyway, here's what the front of our house looks like right now if you were going to drive by. Now there's no need to, because:
a) You can already see right here what the house looks like*
b) Nobody's home right now, so there's no point in trying to visit us**

*except that you really can't see the house
**this is important, because we especially don't like it when people try to visit our house when we're not there. If you were going to try, then it probably means that you're trying to rob us, and if you're trying to rob us, you're probably not our friend. However, I feel pretty safe because only my friends read this and know where we live. You might be some random guy on the internet reading this, but if you don't know where (at least in vicinity) we live, then you probably aren't our friend - unless we simply haven't had you over yet, in which I apologize, because we certainly do care about you and wish to have you over soon...unless you, of course, are that random guy, in which case, that might be awkward...

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