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i know you see as as just friends...but i love you.

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I often get emails to my Gmail from people I've never met and have, of course, never met me. It's always fun to get a little view into other people's lives all across the world. I get messages from professors, helicopter mothers, sisters, clients, and even their pastors (actually, I ended up having a really good dialogue for a while with an Anglican pastor in Germany who was originally trying to reach a parishioner who is a journalist working at the time in London). The times you feel sorry for guys are those where you get a standard corporate email saying that the company decided to go with another candidate for some xyz position...then I wonder how long those guys wait until the company finally gets around to reaching them. Then there is the occasional window into a fascinating world far away, such as an email from a guy's sister putting on a fashion show in London where all the clothes are made from trash and is supposed to be some great statement in support for a greener London. The best of all, however, are those that on one level really draw you in because they reveal a true snapshot of human emotion and absolute authenticity....and on the other end are freaking hilarious because...well...just read this:


Long time no see!

How's things with you? I'm still in Europe, spent last night in a
horrible hotel in Germany. Olga (the girl who's showing me round) got
really drunk and started licking me. Crazy! I hope I attached a
photo to show you how impressed I looked!

Anyway, there was another reason I e-mailed you. I've had a lot of
time to think while I've been out here, about where I am in life, and
the way things are going and stuff… I really miss you. It sounds
silly, but I've just had such a bad time out here without you. I know
you see us as just friends, and I feel so silly saying this to you,
but I really love you.

I don't want to sound stupid or anything, but I've been saying those
words to myself over and over, trying to come up with the best way to
let you know. I'm not home for another two months, and it's killing
me not knowing your answer. Please, please let me know how you feel.



Good night, what could be more classic! "Hey, I know you see us as just friends...but I really love you." Utter genius. Of all the emails to send to the wrong person, this is greatness. By far, my favorite.

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