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On Media Bias.

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A friend of mine wrote me this email, and I thought it was worth posting. Anyone who has seen Katie Couric is already well aware of media bias...

Conservatives are regularly reported on negatively in all media, while Liberals receive positive press in nearly every media format. Unfortunately, what used to be considered “Main Stream” media now suffers from a most dangerous bias, even an ideological agenda, in its selective reporting of information. Bias can materialize in many forms, not limited to the slant of a report. The selection of information the media chooses to pass on can have a great impact on what opinions their audience develop. The sad situation is that citizens can no longer rely on traditional sources to provide well rounded reportage of events. Viewers of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS and MSNBC simply are not exposed to the whole story, they are feed half truths designed to lead reasonable people to form opinions consistent with the liberal agendas of the organization. There are a few exceptions; notably Juan Williams of PBS, Lou Dobbs of CNN and Glen Beck of CNNHeadline News. Other prime offenders are the New York Times and National Public Radio –NPR, these organization intentionally report negative information about those that oppose their point of view and only positive information about those that line up with their ideology. Witness the appalling display by Charlie Gibson in his disrespectful and condescending interview of Governor Sarah Palin, his obsession with hubris might be more appropriately turned inward.

The following are not opinions or attacks, they are facts available from public record. .

Example – how much exposure has the traditional media given the following information about the results in our nation under the Bush Administration?

Treasury revenue is up over 20% since the implementation of the “Bush tax cuts”. Over the last eight years High School test scores are up, the number of college graduates is up, education spending is up 39% under the Bush administration. The average citizen has experienced a 12% increase in net take-home pay during President Bush’s current term of office and we have enjoyed the longest period of uninterrupted job growth in American history – 53 straight months!

After the implementation of President Bush’s Faith Based initiatives we have experienced a decline in homelessness, abortions, teen pregnancies and teenage drug use is down 24%. According to Bob Geldolf, head We are the World, the international organization focused on fighting AIDS in Africa, President Bush has done more to save lives in Africa through his Executive Powers as President of the United States than all other efforts combined, literally tens of thousands of babies have survived that would have otherwise died. Mr. Geldolf stated, “There should be a statue of George Bush in every village in Africa!” How much of this information has been featured in the elite media news casts?

Example – How much attention has the traditional media given to the fact that Barack Obama has never won a contested political race? That he is a career member of the Chicago “Dailey Machine” and won the offices of State Representative and U.S. Senator respectively by using “Chicago Machine Politics” to eliminate competition. First by challenging the petition that placed his opponent for the State legislature (a life long black female civil rights activist whom marched with Dr. King) on the ballot and having her name removed so he had an uncontested race. Once he was in the Illinois Legislature he voted “Present” over 160 times. For U.S. Senate his campaign filed suit to have the sealed divorce records of Obama’s opponent opened, his opponent withdrew to avoid humiliation for his self and his children. Alan Keys was rushed in at the last minute in an attempt to at least have an opponent on the ballot.

How much media attention has been given to Obama’s refusal to vote in favor of a Bill in Illinois that would require that prematurely born babies be provided medical care? In Illinois, where late term abortions are legal, sometimes the attempt to abort the baby fails and the babies are born alive, the current procedure is to deny the baby care. The new-borns are placed in a storage room in the clinic and allowed to expire. One nurse that exposed these tactics was interviewed on Fox News and through her tears told of being discovered by the “Doctor” as she knelt in the store room holding a tiny baby as she waited for it to die. The nurse was reprimanded, told this was perfectly legal and none of her affair. A Bill was introduced in the Illinois Legislature to require these born alive babies be given medical care, Obama again voted “Present”, counted as a no vote in Illinois. Obama has tried to dance around this point by making false claims about language in the Bill, research of the actual Bills in question has revealed State and Federal Bills to be identical. Barrack Obama voted against a Bill that would require prematurely born babies been given life saving medical care.

The “Christian” Church the Obama’s have attended for 20+ years and raised their children in is the private congregation of Rev. Jeremiah Wright that is dedicated to Black Liberation Theology. I have seen the film clips of Rev. Wright screaming from the pulpit, “God Damn America” over and over. According to Rev. Wright AIDS is a plot by “whitey” to eliminate blacks, I have seen the video also.

How much attention has the traditional media given to the fact that after Barrack Obama was elected to the Illinois legislature, Michelle Obama received a 153% raise in salary to over $350,000. per year as a University professor? Her husband then used his new position to earmark a one million dollar grant to that same school. Women on Senator Obama’s staff earn on average 72% of Obama’s male staffers compensation. How much media coverage have the Broadcast Networks or PBS given to Bill Clinton’s initiative for “Fair Housing” pressuring banks through threats of racism, to make unsound loans to unqualified borrows. Barack Obama served as the attorney for ACORN suing Citibank and forcing them to start making unsound loans in South Chicago. In his 942 days in the U.S. Senate Obama has requested $942 million in pork barrel spending. In 27 years John McCain has requested $0. – zero! Barack Obama launched his political career in the home of William Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, bomber of our Capitol and Pentagon. Obama provided funding for Ayers radical education programs and served with him on a community board. Barack Obama voted to leave our troops in the field unfunded and in actual peril of their lives, he made statements accusing our troops of atrocities that have no basis in fact.

This final paragraph is my opinion.

The Liberal class/race warfare tactics of vote buying through wealth redistribution and hand-outs only divides people in order to control them, it sickens me. Our Founding Fathers struggled to prevent this type of imperial national government choking our individual freedoms. Liberals see people only as members of groups, conservatives view people as individuals, as did our Founders. History proves that Government hand-out programs actually harm the people they are purported to help. . . .

John McCain is a life long patriot that will protect our children and grandchildren, everything else is secondary.

If any of this information is surprising it is because neither of the above sighted examples have received meaningful coverage in the traditional media. The fact is if one does not watch Fox News, listen to AM Talk Radio or read papers like Human Events, they are simply not receiving an accurate accounting of the facts. American citizens may believe as they choose and vote as they please, yet I believe most people do not appreciate being misled and betrayed by media bias.

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