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For a while I've been wanting to write about my good friend, Dr. T-Bob Davis. To say he has been influential would be a pretty severe understatement, as I truly believe him to be one of the most important people in my life. Over the years, I have under a variety of contexts and motives been asked to share my life story. In all of my retellings, Dr. Davis stands as a prominent pillar. Yet, he is not so static but much more dynamic; in that, as I have grown and matured, so has our friendship.  At some point in early high school, T-Bob began taking me under his wing and became my life's great mentor. Much of our "study" since then has taken place on the racquetball court, where we still hold sessions, and all of our lessons almost always end in a big hug and him telling me that he loves me, is proud of me, and that I am special. One thing I learned from T-Bob (at least in theory, as I am still working on application) is how to celebrate and encourage others. I think it is this quality that I have been thinking about most lately in regards to my friend.

In particular, I have been thinking about how his encouragement is contagious, or at least is a quality he models so well that it is instilled in those close to him. A couple of weeks ago, T-Bob and I continued our life-long racquetball match (whoever is now in the lead totally depends upon which one of us you ask) and grabbed dinner. There were a few things he wanted to communicate to me that night about fatherhood, which in itself demonstrates what I love about him - I appreciate his words and wisdom, but I am amazed at his thought and intentionality in sharing specific things that he had previously determined to tell me. Throughout the last few months, though, T-Bob's daughter, Angie, has been incredibly encouraging to Katie as well. For anyone that knows her and Brad, this comes at no surprise; however, this speaks as a legacy of her father. Even a couple of days ago, T-Bob's wife sent Katie a very encouraging email. T-Bob has a son a year younger than me who I have known for years, Creth, of whom it is impossible for me (or anyone) to be around without sincerely hearty laughter. It has been a joy for Katie and I to have time with different members of the Davis family lately, because I have noticed this common thread of joy that permeates them as a family and touches all those around them.

This is a quality I now pray for my own family - that we would be a joy to each other and an encouragement to all those around us.  I have a been given a great example, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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