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Morning at the Arboretum.

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This morning was a great morning. Katie and I took Caroline to the Arboretum for her photo session with the great Emily Mulkey. We are seriously so excited to see the pictures! Emily does fantastic work, and I whole heartedly endorse her, so check her out here.
Amazingly, outside of a friend's wedding, I had never been to the Arboretum. Even then, I just saw such a small portion. Well, to be honest, I only saw a small portion today as well, but I was absolutely blown away! I never realized there was such a vast and beautiful park in Dallas that so well organized, catalogued, and so clearly labeled the works of God's creation. Seriously though, I can not wait to go back with my girls and spend some quality time exploring.  Here's a snapshot of the conversation between my brain hemispheres:
Right: Wow! This is so beautiful!
Left: Observation affirmed.
Right: This is such an amazing jewel of Dallas!
Left: We are in Dallas? This does not adhere to experientially dependent assumptions of Dallas. Error encountered.
Right: The flowers, and trees, and lake, and...
Left: Attempting to locate substantial amounts of concrete and billboards to confirm body is actually presently located in Dallas. Begin processing...
Right: So many colors! Even the buildings are wonderful and fit so nicely within the landscape!
Left: There remains an insufficient quantity of concrete and billboards to verify Dallas as immediate location. Expanding search of visual evidence to include pickups, baptist churches, branches of North Dallas Bank, Parkies, and I Am Second signage.
Right: Everything is so wonderful! Beauty in Dallas! Dallas actually has something of aesthetic value, a treasure to the eyes and soul!

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