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puppy copper...oh wait...piper!

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Well, we had a puppy. Puppy Copper. Then we didn't have a puppy. We were asked to give our puppy back.


Here's the skinny:
We had a contract on a puppy we named Copper. The litter was born, and our specific puppy was picked. We even had pictures (see post below). Furthermore, we had our visitation time as well as our pick-up scheduled. We were as emotionally invested into a puppy we have never seen as you could imagine. Then Katie got a phone call.

Evidently, the breeder decided to retire Rosie (Copper's mother) and wanted to keep a female dog from the litter (I'm assuming to breed her in the future to carry the line). Of course, she wanted our dog. So the breeder calls Katie and asks if we would be willing to let her keep the puppy. Our money would transfer to another breeder (who she's sending all her clients to and has a good relationship with), who just had a litter. It's definitely an awkward request to receive - I mean, it's one of those things you can't really so "No" to. So we didn't.

The good thing is that we have first pick of this new litter, and we won't have to pick until the pups are about seven weeks old. This is important because we'll have a better feel for their temperament. We're also moving from a darker color Golden to a lighter...which is what we wanted anyway, but now we feel it's appropriate to change the name. Well, that and the fact that it's a different dog.

Anyway, we've decided to go with Piper. For those who know, I realized that Tyson & Sarah's dog is named Piper, but their dog is now geographically distanced enough that I think it makes it okay. Plus, even if their Piper was still in Big D, I would feel fine with stealing the name anyway because it's a really cool and cute name.

When I've got pictures, I'll post them, don't worry. I've noticed all my friends with kids post pictures of their children on their blogs. Well, we have a puppy.

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