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I thought I'd take a minute and share one of my favorite blogs. If you're an NBA fan, you're probably familiar with it, though even those without a high affinity for sports will likely appreciate the humor. For those who don't know, Larry Hughes was brought on to the Cleavland Cavaliers this season to compliment LeBron James. They paid him $12 million a year to take pressure off King James, which is a pretty sizable contract - one that assumes excellent ball play and shooting. In reality, however, things haven't exactly turned out well on the Cavs' investment. Last night, for example, Hughes shot 18% against Portland, which pretty much sums up his whole season - a bust. Anyway, one brilliantly witty fan created a blog that keeps track of Hughes' play every game. For a good laugh, check it out:

hey larry hughes please stop taking so many bad shots .com

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