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Dwight Howard: Superman.

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Since childhood, I've always loved and looked forward to the NBA All-Star Weekend. By far, it's the best All-Star event in American sports...basically, the opposite of what the NFL rolls out (which you probably didn't watch 30 seconds of the other week). I love the game itself, of course, but I also highly enjoy the Rookie / Sophomore game...and this year I even watched the celebrity game. This, though, was because of the participation of Deion and T.O. T.O. is greatness. Basically (yes, I understand this is a random aside), he's one of those guys that I know I probably shouldn't like or root for, but I do. I love me some T.O. Anyway, my favorite event is the Slam Dunk Contest, which went through a bit of a fading period but has again been strong the last couple of years. This year, Dwight Howard put on a show that blew my mind. Most of the dunks everyone did were great - but they were adaptations of dunks people had done in the past - mostly, Wilkins, Jordon, or Carter. Howard, however, did things that have never been seen. His athleticism and power, as great as they are, were well matched by his creativity. If you haven't seen it yet, enjoy.

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